What comes next?

The latest buzz on the western hemisphere of the world – High Heels for babies!!!! Yes that’s right you can now dress up your infant daughter in pretty clothes with matching high heels to boot. Isn’t that cute?? All the other babies and their mommas are going to be so jealous. In the very near future, this can also be matched up with an amazing cosmetic line with baby foundation, blush and mascara that would come with their very own matching baby eye shadows, false eye lashes for the mascara and the blush brush!

The lines of shoes, aptly titles ‘Heelarious’, a brain child of two Seattle based mothers (yes! Mothers) tops the most ridiculous ideas to hit the worlds this century, “Cheese Masala dosa” and “Sambhar flavored Maggi” being some others (My apologies to readers who may love either of these) I wonder what’s next! A new exercise routine for babies considered too chubby to fit into the new line of happening baby fashions? Or low fat baby food! It is one thing for adults to be conscious about the way they look but why force the idea of false beauty on babies whose mode of transportation is being pushed around in a pram. Do we want ‘generation next’ to grow up with ideas that beauty is skin deep? Whatever happened to the age of innocence? It seems that some folks are in a hurry for their kids to grow up much faster than they ideally should. This can be the only explanation for forcing adult accessories on a kid that’s still in a crib. My take on ‘Heelarious’ is that this is definitely hilarious and I don’t mean that in a nice way.

If you are a parent who is interested in making emergency visits to the hospital for broken bones, you should get a pair for your baby to match her designer diapers who is probably wondering how she got out into this crazy world in the first place and still trying to understand the identity of the mysterious lady constantly feeding and changing her and now fitting her for the new heels! I would like to leave you with these thoughts: Shouldn’t the parents of the world focus on how they can actually help their kids by providing them with good education, help them build character, provide for them a safe and healthy environment and other important issues rather than making a choice between a leopard and a zebra print heel shoe for their babies?

The original news article can be read at http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/26673132/



  1. great:) I thought that now heel were passe, and even young laides thought twice before putting that strain on ankles.On one side we advocate equality in genders and all that and on the other side same emphasis on outer appearance and beauty which is so shallow, why not give same pressure to character and the whole worl be a nice place to live in.

  2. Thanks renu! U’r on my list too 🙂 Somehow it seems that even though we make strides in many parts of life, our society never seems to be able to get over the barrier of outer appearances. I am sure there are many people who think sensibly though – u being one of them

  3. For me, minds was always more fascinating than the face, though people thought that sensible means serious , boring person, but i dont find anything interesting in being frivolous.and thanks for the compliment:)

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