The Rose – Up close and personal

The queen of all flowers, beautiful beautiful in all its colors with the power to make every woman smile. Its sweet smell has the powers to soothe the soul and its praise has been sung by many a poet. When I came across this arial view, I couldn’t resist transferring it to my sketch book. It seemed to me that every petal of the blooming rose contained a secret or a story to share!



  1. Hi SR, Thankyou for visiting. Some of your work is really good. It is up to you if you want to transform to digital art. I have been doing this from the time I am using computers. Most of my sketches are done on PAINT BRUSH on Windows. So try it out. You will figure out the advantages to turn to DIGI-art. As you might know there are numerous advanced softwares(Photoshop, Correl,etc) to try. I want to stick to Paint brush which is free. So let me know if you need anything else.PARIMI

  2. hey i jus realised… u write as good as ur sketches! lovely write up preceding the amazing piece of work.. ill b proud if i were u .. n for the first time .. a rose look GR8 n i mean simply beautiful in BNW.. as u say every petal is beautiful .. i dono if i ever sat n saw a flower from the arial view with this intimacy.. oh u kno m ur fan rite?

  3. Thanks Swarna.Btw I do try my hand in writing…..I had to 🙂 Sometimes its serious and others its just crazy! Check that out sometime too. I started only recently. Comments from veterans like you always welcome :-)

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