My ode to Coffee

The only time I remember venturing into poetry was way back in primary school. My mom claims I used to churn out crazy poems back then. (Well my mom loves anything that I do and thinks it is cute! In all fairness, all moms are that way πŸ™‚ ) Anyways I was so caffeinated after a cup of coffee this evening that I started to sing its praises right away! I have been ripping apart some topics recently so I had to write something crazy to make up! This was my attempt. Have a good laugh.

As I get out of bed each morning, sleepy and lazy to move
The thought of you makes me groove,
I miss those days when you used to waft around the house
Jump starting my day as I clicked my mouse,
You have your origin around the globe
India, Ethiopia, Columbia, Guatemala, Mexico and Verona,
The world loves you by the many forms you take
Plain, Espressos, Cappuccinos, lattes, tropical ice-bergs and more,
Many turn to you for their energy shots
Justifying why most folks make you by the pots,
Your enemies say you are bad
But that is just too sad,
They don’t know you
Like your friends do,
O coffee wherever I go
I find my way to your abode,
You help me chase my blues away
I can’t survive without you for a day.



  1. nice one…….honest thoughts i guess……..try and limit it to 14 lines – a sonnet is usually 14 lines……also just a thought…….usually when u write a poem u jus flow with thoughts…..that may be good – may also be worthwhile to assimilate ur thoughts and sequence the duet lines in some meanningful sequence if possible rather than as they hit u….

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