‘Manna’ – This stunt aint no good

Recently I read an article on MSN India about how our Superstar was miffed with music maestro ARR because ARR had requested the superstar’s daughter to meet him at 4.00AM in the morning at his recording studio to discuss the music of the movie ‘Sultan’. (Click here to read the original article: http://entertainment.in.msn.com/southcinema/article.aspx?cp-documentid=1656746). What I failed to understand is the factor that caused the miff and why this made the news in the first place. Working women all over India, with non-celebrity parents, never caused any issues because we were asked to work late or through out the night with a bunch of guys or in solitude. Our parents did not raise their eyebrows at our bosses and management because they understood that the whole team was working and that late hours, early morning conference calls crossed our professional lives more than we would like it to.

If ARR works through the night on his music and asked its producer / director to meet him at his studio to discuss and finalize the same I fail to understand what the hoopla is about? I am sure it was pretty evident that he was not inviting her for a secret rendezvous! If it was it would have been headlines by now!! ARR, the man known for less talk and his quiet demeanor being the better man ignored this jibe and finished his job like he was supposed to. Decency score: ARR – 1, Superstar – 0

To our beloved style ‘mannan’ – Please do not make headlines about such trivial things that happen in your line of work when it could cause more damage for others especially when it is not their fault. It is just the way they work. We love you for the kind of values you promote, you stylish punch dialogues and much more. Please remember that there are thousands of parents in the state and in India who are miffed and worried sick about the fact that their daughters need to work late often. They take it with a grain of salt because a part of getting the job well done is also being accommodating with the members of the team and this is even more paramount when you are the commanding the ship as in the case of your daughter. We would love for you to be in the news for your movies, your political and philosophical views, your charity works and other great things that would make your star shine brighter than before.

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