Been hit by the blues!

I wondered how amazing it would be to take a walk through the green woods surrounded by the morning mist. As the mist is clearing away I find this majestic bird preening itself on a tree and our eyes meet…..Hello beautiful blue!

I have been hit by the blues but not the sad kind. The color Blue seems to be present everywhere – Blue skies, the national flag, cotton candy flavored ice-cream and one of my good friends even has the Hindi translation of the word blue in her name. Lord Krishna’s skin was supposedly a shade of blue and the peacock always seems to be present around Lord Krishna, as he carries its feather on his person. It also happens to be the national bird of India.This is one powerful color! A tribute to my favorite color using water colors for the first time ever. I did not have the best of brushes working for me and all this coupled with the fact that I was painting after almost 3 years resulted in the real blues hitting me a lot while I was working on this piece. Here goes…



  1. omg!!!!!!!!!! thats just lovely, its just mesmerized me, i wonder what kind of an effect it will have if I actually see it, this is the real 3D!!!!!!Thanks for bringing to life such wonderful visions

  2. Simple yet element in beauty & form. Peacocks are a fascination of mine, and you certainly did a masterful job in this watercolor painting for just picking up the brushes. However, I tend to notice that our artistic strength comes out in full force when combating the blues.

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