A note of thanks!

Tons of thanks to all of you who have commented on my works and emailed or communicated via other means your thoughts and interpretations of my sketches and paintings and also areas for improvement. Most of you liked the sketch of the dog and I loved some of your comments that I have listed below:
The dog looked sad and seemed very emotional.
The dog is feigning a sad face to get a treat.
It is a golden retriever in one of its quieter moods.
I agree that it looks like it would break down any moment…. One of my friends also made me understand that most of my animals seemed a bit restricted – by a leash as in the case of the dog and the horse and the bird seemed to be just sitting there instead of flying. I promise to sketch animals with more cheery outlooks. I loved hearing the comments. Personally I thought that the horse was a better sketch than the dog, but I am glad that the dog was more popular with everyone. Please do keep the comments rolling in…Thanks again!

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