Jai Maa Kaali!

From the land of ‘rosgollas’,’jaal mudis’ and ‘loochies’ this painting of ‘Kaali Maa’ is a tribute to the land of Kolkotta where my dad spent a good chunk of his life. My mom was a regular visitor to the very popular Kaali temple. She visited ‘Kaali Maa’ at the goddesses popular abode at Kalighat every Monday without fail as long as she was there and feels that was the reason I was born on a Monday.

I worked on this painting during my 11th grade. I completed it in 2 days flat. I fell in love with the original picture when I saw Kaali Maa’s elaborate crown and her peaceful face. I painted her on glass using Fevicryl golden yellow as the primary colour using a lot of line strokes. This painting was framed using foil paper to give the transparent areas of the glass a nice background.

One comment

  1. Actually I love that particular picture of the Goddess. I haven’t seen it anywhere before, but in some bhakti series in Kalki magazine. Very forceful picture, I’d say.

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