Yours Truly…..

Painting is one of my favorite things to do in this world!Bless my parents for taking me to Mrs. Lakshmi Raghavan in an effort that I don’t throw away my summer holidays running around the house and getting into mischief. I got my first set of painting lessons while moving to class 6. Lakshmi aunty introduced me to the beautiful world of colours and making me believe that I could do it!Most of my best memories growing up are spending weekend and holiday afternoons and some school week evenings learning different strokes. I am not an amazing artist but I love the works that I produce and enjoy the entire process of making them.

As much as I find painting fun and easy I find drawing and sketching a little hard. In fact I am still working on these areas to produce better work. Off late I have also started to explore the effects of color pencils, water colors, soft pastels etc., I will to post my works here so that you can give me your thoughts and comments.


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  1. Wow… sixth standard. You sure have made good for yourself through all these years. Do practice hard and also post all your paintings. It is a delight that you created such a lovely blog.

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